Write ahead logging sqlite examples

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Going Fast with SQLite and Python

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Node-RED: Lecture 5 – The Node-RED programming model

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Going Fast with SQLite and Python

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If a write-ahead log is used, the program can check this log and compare what it was supposed to be doing when it unexpectedly lost power to what was actually done.

On the basis of this comparison, the program could decide to undo what it had started, complete what it. When write-ahead logging is not enabled (the default), it is not possible for reads and writes to occur on the database at the same time.

Before modifying the database, the writer implicitly acquires an exclusive lock on the database which prevents readers from accessing the database until the write is completed.

Support for WAL on SQLite is available from version Some advantages of Write-Ahead Logging (WAL) are: WAL is significantly faster in most scenarios.

Write-ahead logging

WAL provides more concurrency as readers do not block writers and a writer does not block readers. Reading and writing can proceed concurrently. This is a book for anyone who uses Asterisk. Asterisk is an open source, converged telephony platform, which is designed primarily to run on Linux.

Write ahead logging sqlite examples
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