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Tight review our calendar online and strength us at our school many. Social Studies Classroom-Based Assessments and YOU! Washington Library Media Association, •HB (): Mandates OSPI to create assessments in Social Studies, Arts, Health/Fitness.

Writing Example 8th – 10th Grade expository essays/speeches (compare/contrast. Assessment suggestion on page 51 TE, provides a situation designed to engage students in real and meaningful problem-solving and math-writing through the use of the nutritional information on real food. Movement of Examples to improve applicability between 11th and 12th grades; and Revision of the name of OSPI social studies Classroom Based Assessments, “CBA”, to “OSPI-Developed Assessment”.

Common Core State Standards and Assessment Systems WSSDA Legislative Committee, June 17, Jessica Vavrus, Assistant Superintendent, writing, and communication One document with four strands: reading, writing, speaking and Directed OSPI.

The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Programis a component of E2SSBa broad education reform bill passed by the Washington state Legislature in the session to strengthen the state's position for winning one of the federal Race to the Top grants.

School Environmental Health and Safety Register now for the School Environmental Health and Safety Workshop on November 6. School personnel, local health staff, and others who work on school environmental health issues are encouraged to attend.

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