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Free John Steinbeck papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over - Brief Biography of John Steinbeck John Steinbeck lead a life filled with words, from his award winning novels to the hundreds letters he wrote to friends during his career.

The page numbers in this essay are from the Longman edition of the. John Steinbeck essaysJohn Ernst Steinbeck was born and raised in Salinas, California. @Example Essays. John Steinbeck 3 Pages. Words. John Ernst Steinbeck was born and raised in Salinas, California.

As a child he always aspired to become a great writer. Between the years of and Steinbeck attended Stanford University.

John Steinbeck John Steinbeck is a well-known American author that was born in Salinas, California in His writings in still appeal to all ages today, and continue to influence many. Throughout his life wrote, he stories and novels and even helped produce films.

John Ernest Steinbeck was born in California, on February 27th, Being the third child of four, he was the only son to parents John Ernest II and Olive Hamilton Steinbeck/5(3).

Biography in Depth: John Steinbeck, American Writer by Dr. Susan Shillinglaw John Steinbeck was born in the farming town of Salinas, California on February The working title for Of Mice and Men, for example, was "Something That Happened "- this is simply the way life is.

Furthermore, in most of his fiction Steinbeck includes a. The day after Steinbeck's death in New York City, reviewer Charles Poore wrote in The New York Times: "John Steinbeck's first great book was his last great book. But Good Lord, what a book that was and is: The Grapes of Wrath.".

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