Discuss a purpose for adding javascript to a web site provide a real life example

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JavaScript in real life scenarios

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Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

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Any browser that doesn't let you disable this is worthless, but sites that do it in the first place are terrible. Here's a personal example, we needed a price comparison chart that everyone could see on the web and it had to be something that could be interactive to change values on the fly, basically a budget sheet for the most part, but it also became a tool that everyone at the office used as an official price point calculator, so it had a dual purpose.

Relatively few humans browse your site without Javascript, but lots of machines (search bots, data miners, screen readers for the disabled, etc.) are browsing your site without Javascript. Again, the distinction between data and functionality are important -- the bots are just making requests and looking for data in the responses.

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May 07,  · For example AJAX and JQuery, in that the AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML in which JavaScript plays a very important role and JQuery gives the library for predefined functions for adding animations and many dynamic features to the web unavocenorthernalabama.comon: W York St #, Norfolk,VA.

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Discuss a purpose for adding javascript to a web site provide a real life example
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